Triggers Ask about tracking data of events, available sources on which triggers can be created and methods to authenticate triggers. AutoML Discuss about training modules on custom data, available modules and deploying the trained modules on endpoint. Streams Ask about event tracking methods, pre-defined events and destination to load event data. Boltic Storage Ask about how to send reports, connect and create pipelines using data in Boltic storage. Pre-processor Ask about pre-defined conditions and syntax to be used to extract specific data from a connected source. Script Engine Discuss about available script templates, script syntax and languages that can be used to format data. No-code Transformation Ask about available no-code transformations, custom formulas and suitable transformation types for a specific use case. Bolts Discuss bolt creation steps, pipeline automation and ways to extract required data. Scheduler Use this space to discuss pipeline automation, the available frequency for scheduling and multiple schedules. Query Editor Discuss about query syntax, parameters in queries, AI prompts to generate queries and advance query editor. Pipes Ask about creating pipes, sources supported, destinations available, authentication methods and auditing pipes history. Integrations Discuss available integrations, authentication methods, integration refresh methods and everything about integrations.
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