Additional response data needed in get products function

@Giridharan @ShreyanshHingar While fetching product details api, need these params - out of stock status , product discount and seller details.

using below platform function

const response = await platformClient.catalog.getProducts({
“itemCode”: [product]

@Alok_Chaturvedi please confirm if we still need this or mark it not needed/closed

@kevinfynd , yes we still need this

Hello @Alok_Chaturvedi

If you want out-of-stock details in response, you can use: Catalog | Fynd Partners Help Center

If you want seller details in response, you could use: Catalog | Fynd Partners Help Center

The article discount details are already included in the getProduct’s FDK response.

  "discount": "6% OFF",
      "price": {
        "marked": {
          "min": 5000,
          "max": 5000,
          "currency_code": "INR",
          "currency_symbol": "₹"
        "effective": {
          "min": 4699,
          "max": 4699,
          "currency_code": "INR",
          "currency_symbol": "₹"

I understand that calling three FDKs is not efficient, and you want to obtain the required response in a single FDK response. However, currently, the getProducts() function does not include the inventory and seller response.

We can integrate that in the response, however, proper development is required for this. Additionally, as the team is already occupied with multiple priority tasks, it might take some time to integrate this custom responses. Therefore, I suggest using the substitute for the required responses.

@kevinfynd Please help create one core ticket for the custom fields implementation in getProducts() if needed.