Boilerplate usage for Extension development

We have been provided steps to develop extension We received fynd partner extension repo, after installing everything and setting it up, we are unable to find the file in repo. How do we start development? @SoumyaAcharya

Hi @punitbadal

Could you please share the name of fynd partner extension repo ? Are you developing RTI extension using marketplace utilities library ? Could you please share more information about this issue ?

@SoumyaAcharya here is the repo which was shared with us

Azure DevOps access has been provided. (/GoFynd/RTI/_git/Dobo & /GoFynd/RTI/_git/marketplace-utilities)
Link - Azure DevOps Services | Sign In
Boilerplate link: Azure DevOps Services | Sign In

@SoumyaAcharya Can you help please.

@SoumyaAcharya Any update? I shared the repo related details 4 days ago

@punitbadal Can we connect for this issue ?

@SoumyaAcharya Certainly yes, Can you please let me know what time we can connect.