Custom Fields and Custom Objects methods not working


Tried to get getCustomFieldTypes using fdk api,
But we got Cannot read properties of undefined

@deva_sankar images are not loaded. kindly attach the proper image.
cc - @singhbipin2117

Hi @Kuldeep_Harshwal

Images are uploaded, pls check it

Your client.content is undefined here.
Kindly configure fdk client properly.
CC- @singhbipin2117


We configured client and platform.


Any update on this?

Can we connect once to understand it better?

@piyushvishwakarma @Bhargav_Prajapati
Could you please check here this? fdk client doesn’t have the content object?

KIndly help here.

CC- @deva_sankar @singhbipin2117

From the screenshot you provided it seems that you are using 1.9.0 version.
But, in fdk-client-javascript there is not such version available.

please update to the latest version.
Refer: Releases · gofynd/fdk-client-javascript · GitHub for version list


Pls refer this screenshot, its posted by kedar in jiomart-jcp,
and currently we using fdk-client-javascript version ---- #1.8.5

You seem to be misinterpreting between fp(fynd platform) version and fdk version.

Check this fdk release list: Releases · gofynd/fdk-client-javascript · GitHub

Here, In every release of fdk we have mentioned that it is compatible with which fp version.

Here, fdk version 1.4.1 is compatible with fynd platform version 1.9.0 and likewise…

If you want to use fdk which is compatible with fp 1.9.0. You can use fdk version 1.4.2-beta.2 which is latest release for fp 1.9.0 as of today.


Then both are same right?, both are pointing the same code right?

@deva_sankar SDK available on GitHub is not following FP version series since we have other code changes also on SDK side. Please use 1.4.2-beta version as mentioned to use meta objects