Getting FDK-0004 - Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'body') Error

I am trying to start the extension with below command

fdk extension preview-url -p 8080

But getting FDK-0004 - Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘body’)
after entering all the required details like partner access token, Extension API Key etc.

any info here which environment is this you are trying?

we are trying in : sngz0

Please try using latest CLI version and if still that doesn’t help then share debug logs
Check this for more info GitHub - gofynd/fdk-cli: FDK CLI

Hi, i am getting below error if i try to set sngz0 env

@Girish_B You need to pass Fynd platform API domain, in your case need use
fdk env set -u

getting this error.

Try after disabling VPN/firewall. @Girish_B

Hi @vivekprajapati , i am not connected to VPN and we cant disable firewall due to company policy & security (Need admin access and they will not disable).