Getting Product url and Price for the sales channel

Currently, I use platformClient.application("APPLICATION_ID").catalog.getAppProducts method to retrieve all products within a sales channel but the response is lacking product_url and price for sales channel. price information returned is the one that being set on the company level. Is there a way to retrieve sales channel product_url and price information?

Hi @Caglar_Ersin

You can obtain all price information for each size from the response by accessing response.items[0].all_sizes . Furthermore, you can indirectly retrieve the product_url by concatenating both values of the sales_channel’s base_url with /product/{{slug}} . The value of the slug can be retrieved from the response using response.items[0].slug .

Example -

const resp = await platformClient.application('APPLICATION_ID').catalog.getAppProducts({
        q: "Product_name"

price information that I retrieve by response.items[0].all_sizes is the account-level price information. But I need the sales channel-level prices. Is there a way to get it?