Limitations for getAppProducts API?

I want to call the platformClient.application("APPLICATION_ID").catalog.getAppProducts methods on an external project with the java sdk using the extension informations to retrieve all products of a sales channel. First question, is there a limitation on the QPS and the pageSize? Second question, do I need to send the requestHeaders for the method and if so what should be the content? Third, this method looks like do not return categories for the products is there a way to include categories in the response? Lastly, when I try to to call the method with extension’s apiKey and apiSecret the result is always null. What are the apiKey and apiSecret in this case?

There is no limitation on the pageSize. The method returns the category value as category_slug in the response. The parameters are optional for this method. The extension’s API key and API secret are used to call the platform client method.

The response you have received from platformClient.application("APPLICATION_ID").catalog.getAppProducts, for example, response.items[index].category_slug.

is_set: false,
highlights: [Array],
slug: ‘birthday-treat-9375971’,
no_of_boxes: 1,
name: ‘Birthday Treat’,
multi_size: true,
variant_media: {},
tags: [],
brand_uid: 5411,
category_slug: ‘greeting-cards’,
departments: [Array],
currency: ‘INR’,
item_type: ‘standard’,
return_config: [Object],
custom_order: [Object],
action: ‘upsert’,
is_dependent: false,
item_code: ‘BD02-B’,
product_publish: [Object],
is_image_less_product: false,
country_of_origin: ‘India’,
description: ‘Birthday Gift Voucher’,
template_tag: ‘office-stationery’,
category_uid: 2289

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