Preset Not Working

Tried to set only one block in jio-ads-multiple section. But, its showing more than one block. Initially we set only one with using settings preset. Those showing blocks don’t have any value. Those are all empty.

Hello @deva_sankar

I believe the image blocks were added manually within the platform. Could we perform a fresh FDK theme sync to determine how many blocks are created by default? According to the code, it should only create a single block.

However, there’s an option in the section by default allowing users to add more image blocks. Consequently, users can add more than one block.

If the intention is to maintain only a single image block in this section, we should consider hiding the “add_block” button from the section.

PS: There is an FPCO ticket created for this, let’s follow up there.

Hi @afrozshaikh

Checked with fresh sync, it’s working now