Price Injection

const { PlatformConfig, PlatformClient } = require(“@gofynd/fdk-client-javascript”);

let platformConfig = new PlatformConfig({
companyId: “1131”,
apiKey: “<API_KEY>”,
apiSecret: “<API_SECRET>”

//Need to generate token using platformConfig.oauthClient.getAccesstokenObj() method
//grant_type can be ‘client_credentials’ or ‘authorization_code’

const platformClient = new PlatformClient(platformConfig);
const response = await platformClient.application(“64e10e7c8bc3224b6713b8c0”).cart.addPriceAdjustment({
“body”: {
“allowed_refund”: false,
“article_ids”: [
“type”: “charge”,
“article_id”: “65afa265f043d076bce1c6d7”,
“quantity”: 2,
“value”: 200
“cart_id”: “659e64177b9eeb2c11057e2b”,
“article_level_distribution”: true,
“collection”: {
“refund_by”: “FYND”,
“collected_by”: “FYND”
“is_authenticated”: true,
“type”: “charge”,
“message”: “Charge-DC”,
“value”: 200
using this to add charges, but its not working as expected,
PS Tried Adding Deliverycharge its working

@Prasoon_David please share the Response which you got and also share the Environment name.