Transformations image response url 404 error issue

I have tried transformations method in PixelBin, I get response (,w:100)/https://cdn.pix[…]artment/pictures/square-logo/resize-w:1180/iTEIKwfNT-6047.png) , but i use that url in browser i get 404 error

{“message”:“File(https:/ does not exist.”,“status”:404,“errorCode”:“JR-0404”,“exception”:“TransformationJobError”,“info”:“[JR-0404]:”}

Example code:-

const pixelbin = new Pixelbin({
cloudName: “hidden-night-72b31d”,
// zone: “

const image = pixelbin.image(“”);

let t = Pixelbin.transformations.Basic.resize({ height: 100, width: 100 });

this.imageUrl = image.getUrl();
console.log(‘resp’, this.imageUrl);


The URL that you’re using is a worker URL, identified by the /wrkr/ sub-path.

The PixelBin SDKs cannot transform such URLs. As a result, the output of ‘image.getUrl()’ is incorrect, resulting in the 404 error.

To apply/change the transformation of a worker URL, you’ll need to directly update the URL. E.g.: . This too would only work if your translation logic can handle this new transformation.

Hope this helps.

Okay, we have integrate theme level, but our jcp theme image response coming only this type

how to resolve?

Hi @Venkatesh,
As discussed on the slack thread,
Since this is a worker url, you would not be able to apply transformations with the SDKs.
The correct usage would be

const workerUrl = "";
 const obj = Pixelbin.utils.urlToObj(pixelbinUrl);
// obj 
// "cloudName": "jiomart-fynd",
// "zone": "jio-np", 
// "version": "v2", 
// "transformations": [], 
// "filePath": "", 
// "worker": true, 
// "workerPath": "jmrtz0/department/pictures/square-logo/original/SEDfzrlXN-1524.png", 
// "baseUrl": "",
// "options": {}
// }

You can modify the workerPath manually with the required transformations and use Pixelbin.utils.objToUrl to create a valid url with transformations.

const obj = { 
    cloudName: "jiomart-fynd", 
    zone: "jio-np", 
    version: "v2", 
    transformations: [], 
    filePath: "", 
    worker: true, 
    workerPath: "jmrtz0/department/pictures/square-logo/original/SEDfzrlXN-1524.png", 
    baseUrl: ""
const url = Pixelbin.utils.objToUrl(obj); 
// obj is as shown above
 // url 

I tried, but not working, how to integrate theme level? need you help @Noel_Mathew