Unable to find the extension while adding it theme while setting up bindings

we have created the extension at company level and able to install it to the company along with that we have 2 bindings created which are about to integrate with the theme . But while trying to add extension to theme , we are unable to find them in the search list.

Please find the screenshots for your reference:

is it a private extension? are all steps done from here - Private Extension | Fynd Partners Help Center ?

Please add all details like partner account, platform url and cluster and company information .

Yes. All steps under this URL were done

CompanyID = 799

is this extension deployed?
Are your theme templates enabled on all pages?

Getting ngrok page while checking extension on SIT

I’m seeing ngrok error since 3-4 days after upgrading fdk to 5.0.0 . Even after performing below steps ngrok error still exist. Any clue on how to fix this issue ?

  1. including / excluding VPN
  2. change of network
  3. downloading the latest and older fdk-cli
  4. restarting
  5. after using new Ngrok Authtoken
*⠋ Starting Ngrok tunnelStarting Ngrok tunnel on port 8080*

*✖ Starting Ngrok tunnel*

*FDK-0011 - Unable to establish ngrok tunnel*

*Error: Unable to establish ngrok tunnel*